Get Early Access to Tap Oceans Reef Rescue

Help Us Shape the Future of Gaming for Good

We are thrilled to announce that our innovative mobile game, Tap Oceans Reef Rescue, is now in early access beta on iOS and Android! This is an exciting milestone on our journey to create fun and impactful gaming experiences that bring awareness to vital global issues. Today, we invite you to join us in shaping this revolutionary game as we prepare for the official launch this summer.

A New Chapter in Ocean Adventure Gaming

The creator of the highly popular Jirbo Tap Reef and Ocean Reef Life is back with a new game that takes underwater adventure to the next level. Tap Oceans Reef Rescue is the result of countless hours of development, inspired by feedback from our dedicated community.

In this game, you\’ll embark on an exciting mission to restore and build up your reef, collaborating with a community of players dedicated to making a real difference. But this time, we\’ve added a unique twist – play for impact.

Play for Impact: How Gaming Makes a Difference

Play for impact is a revolutionary concept that we\’ve introduced in Tap Oceans Reef Rescue. We believe that gaming should not only be about enjoyment but also about making a real difference.

As you tap your way through the game, restoring the reef and protecting marine life, your efforts go beyond the screen. Every milestone you reach, every in-app purchase you make, directly contributes to real-life ocean conservation initiatives.

Through our partnership with, a leading environmental organization, the actions you take in the game will support efforts to save creatures, revive coral reefs, and clean and protect the ocean. This means that while you\’re immersing yourself in gameplay, you\’re also playing a part in preserving our planet.

Be a Part of Our Journey

As we prepare for our full launch this summer, we are offering early access beta to our game. This is an opportunity for you to get a sneak peek of Tap Oceans Reef Rescue and provide invaluable feedback that will help shape the game.

By joining our beta, you\’ll not only be among the first to experience this innovative game but also be a part of a community that\’s pushing the boundaries of what gaming can achieve. Your insights and suggestions will be instrumental in refining the gameplay, enhancing the features, and ensuring that our game truly resonates with players.

We are incredibly excited about this journey and can\’t wait for you to join us. Together, we can create a wave of change, one tap at a time.

Join the Tap Oceans Reef Rescue early access beta today, and let\’s dive into a gaming experience that\’s as rewarding as it is fun. Your adventure awaits!