Partner Spotlight: Healthy Oceans, Healthy People

As part of our ongoing commitment to our global community and the ecosystems we love, Superheart is honored to spotlight our partnership with Healthy Oceans, Healthy People. A non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz, California, Healthy Oceans, Healthy People dedicates its work to understanding and nurturing the vital relationship between humans and our oceanic world.

The Mission: Inspiring Ocean Conservation

Healthy Oceans, Healthy People is driven by an essential truth: The ocean, the Earth\’s life support system, keeps us alive regardless of where we live. This vast body of water is not just a beautiful spectacle for us to admire; it sustains us, providing fresh water, every other breath we take, nourishment, and endless inspiration.

Through their work, Healthy Oceans, Healthy People seeks to inspire engagement in ocean conservation, protecting our blue planet for future generations.

Diving into Recent Projects

The core of Healthy Oceans, Healthy People\’s work is its research projects, focusing on the interconnections between human health and ocean ecosystem health. Here\’s a snapshot of their current initiatives:

  1. Tiny Habits for Sustainability/Ocean Stewardship: This project explores whether the Tiny Habits methodology can encourage more sustainable lifestyles. Learn More
  2. Surfer Health Studies: These studies investigate the health risks and benefits associated with surfing, particularly during events like red tides and harmful algal blooms. Learn More
  3. Ocean Literacy and Ocean Conservation: This study found that ocean conservation action is associated with several factors, including ocean literacy, frequency of ocean visits, emotions, proximity to the ocean, and media consumption. Learn More
  4. Lifeguard Health Study: This research found that 48% of lifeguards reported acute stress symptoms after performing a rescue, highlighting the mental health risks associated with this profession. Learn More

The Force Behind the Mission

At the helm of Healthy Oceans, Healthy People is Chris O\’Halloran, Ph.D., MPH, MSc, MSW, LCSW. An ocean enthusiast, Chris leads the organization with her interdisciplinary research interests in epidemiology, oceanography, sociology, and psychology. With her diverse background, including a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, she brings a unique perspective to the organization.

Together with Superheart and Tap Oceans

At Superheart, we\’re excited to be joining forces with Healthy Oceans, Healthy People. Through the game Tap Oceans, our players explore and appreciate the beauty and intricacy of marine ecosystems. Now, with this partnership, they can also contribute to real-world ocean health research and conservation efforts.

Join us on this incredible journey as we play, learn, and make a difference in the world, one tap at a time.

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