Partner Spotlight: How Kindred is Leveling Up Sustainability in Gaming

In the realm of sustainable gaming, Kindred is a trailblazer. They’ve seamlessly merged the world of online shopping with the gaming community, allowing players to contribute to sustainability goals while enjoying their favorite games. As a proud partner of Kindred, Superheart is excited to shine the spotlight on their impactful work in this feature.

Innovating for Impact: Kindred’s Tech Solution

At the heart of Kindred’s efforts is a tech solution that rewards gamers and supports sustainability simultaneously. This free and easy-to-use technology offers players savings on their online shopping, and it also presents a unique revenue model for game developers. As a result, developers can reward players while also earning a percentage of their online spend.

Aligning with ESG Goals

Kindred’s initiatives are firmly rooted in the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility. With the savings garnered through Kindred’s technology, users can contribute to a range of ESG-focused initiatives. These initiatives span multiple domains, including reforestation, carbon offsetting, and charitable contributions.

Reforestation Efforts

Kindred collaborates with reforestation programs worldwide. Reforestation, the act of planting trees, is an effective climate solution due to trees’ ability to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere. Over one year, a single tree can absorb between 10-40kg of carbon dioxide. Thus, through reforestation, players can play a part in sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change.

Carbon Offsetting Initiatives

As a certified carbon-neutral business, Kindred knows the importance of offsetting carbon footprints. They facilitate the purchase and retirement of verified carbon credits, representing the reduction or avoidance of one tonne of CO2 equivalent. This enables users to balance out their carbon footprints, thereby contributing to global carbon reduction efforts.

Charitable Donations

Kindred works with over 22,000 charities, offering a platform for users to donate to causes they care about. Whether it’s a charity Kindred works with or one close to your heart, they can facilitate the donations, making it easier for players to give back.

Kindred and Superheart: Gaming for Good

In working with Kindred, Superheart provides players with an opportunity to make a real-world impact while enjoying Tap Oceans. As you save on your online shopping and contribute to reforestation and carbon offsetting efforts, you’re not just playing a game – you’re making a difference.

This partnership underscores our commitment to gaming for good, embedding sustainability in every facet of our gaming experience. Together with Kindred, we’re empowering our players to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Get on board with Kindred, and make your gaming count for more. Play for impact, and become a force for good with Superheart and Tap Oceans.

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