Partners Spotlight: How is Making Waves in Ocean Conservation

At Superheart, we believe in the power of partnerships. We are proud to be working alongside organizations that are committed to making a tangible difference in our world. One such partner is, a dynamic platform driving environmental change through digital experiences. In this spotlight feature, we dive deep into\’s mission, work, and the impact they\’re making with us through Tap Oceans.

Harnessing Digital Experiences for Environmental Change

In a world that is increasingly digital, has recognized an opportunity to make a difference. They provide a platform that integrates micro-donations into games, apps, and websites, turning everyday digital interactions into meaningful contributions to environmental causes. Already, they\’ve garnered the trust of over 1,000,000 impact makers and offer more than 170 environmental rewards.

Making an Impact: What Achieves

Through their innovative approach, supports a diverse array of environmental initiatives. Their partners are spread across the globe, each contributing to the fight against environmental degradation in unique ways. Here are some key areas where is making waves:

Cleaning Ocean Plastic partners with local river and coastal communities, incentivizing and employing them to collect plastic and build river plastic barriers. This collaborative approach not only aids in ocean clean-up but also fosters community involvement and livelihoods.

Saving Baby Sea Turtles

In an effort to conserve these magnificent creatures, supports initiatives that protect essential nesting beaches worldwide, work to end the tortoiseshell trade, and educate people about the importance of sea turtles to our marine ecosystems.

Protecting Marine Areas\’s partners focus on protecting marine areas by implementing sustainable use areas for fishing and tourism, patrolling marine areas by boat, and promoting conservation efforts to protect the ecosystem.

Restoring Coral Reefs

Recognizing the vital role that coral reefs play in our oceans, supports efforts to preserve these precious ecosystems. Their work contributes directly and indirectly to the livelihoods of around 1 billion people worldwide. and Tap Oceans: Partnering for the Planet

In Tap Oceans, we\’re proud to integrate\’s platform, enabling our players to contribute micro-donations through in-game actions. With every tap, you are helping to clean ocean plastic, save baby sea turtles, protect marine areas, and restore coral reefs.

Through this partnership with, we\’re not just creating a game—we\’re cultivating a community of gamers who are not only aware of the challenges our oceans face but are also actively contributing to the solution. This is what it means to play for impact. This is what it means to be a part of Superheart and the Tap Oceans community.

To learn more about and their incredible work, visit their website at Together, we can turn the tide of ocean conservation, one tap at a time.

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